A Thing to think; a Thinking of many things

As I tapped on the Facebook icon today, the first thing that I came across was a video. It depicted how some people enter our lives for many reasons – some to teach us, help us grow in our journey, show how to love again, and remind us how beautiful we are. While some others come to hurt us and show us what we do not want. Whoever they are, whatever they do, they were or are there to teach us a lesson. Everything happens for a reason.

The video made me smile. What brings me joy and gratitude is the fact that this one video – all of just about one and a half minutes, made me think. And think so deep, that here I am penning down my thoughts. Well, that’s what makes a writer I guess? And that’s the second thing that I feel grateful for today – all my well wishers who have told me some day or the other – “You think too much, don’t think too much.” My heartfelt gratitude to them. Because they had said this to me once, I have come to acknowledge certain realities. Everything happens for a reason, right? 🙂


Yes, I do think. And that sets me apart. But I was not this self assured all the time. There were doubts. And I too, am guilty of judging myself once upon a time because of being told that I “thought too much”. Today I am in a better position because I have accepted this trait as a positive, self-constructive trait. Thankfully so. What exactly is too much or too little thinking? How do we define when is the right time to think what we think? Is it the duration, or the content of what we think? There is a difference between brooding and reflecting. Brooding makes you question – makes you fixed around a problem only – which might not be a problem at all. It is just what your mind is making out of a situation. Here you allow the mind to control you, your emotions and subsequently your actions, or the lack of it. Reflecting on the other hand, makes your mind question, but does not stop there. It goes on to look for answers. Solution oriented, as jargon calls it. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are the one who controls your mind when you reflect on something, rather than the other way round. Unless you allow your mind to question, you heart will never get to answer. And from the moment you get to the answer, there is no looking back. That’s the beauty and magic of constructive thinking. Now, does that make sense? I am sure it does 🙂

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts, and for some people, thoughts shape their life. Even livelihood for some. Writers are thinkers. If writers don’t think, they wouldn’t be writers. Today I am at ease with myself. It’s not that I think too much, it’s just that I think. I reflect. I dare. I question. I answer. I write. And why wouldn’t I? I am just being me that way. I am a writer.