Unfear the Dark – It is the only way to Light

I have always been intrigued by mystery. Perhaps that explains my love for reading thrillers as a child. While the reading has lessened as I grew, yes, I consider myself guilty for that; the inclination towards the dark and unknown has grown manifold. The blend of curiosity and allowing things to unfold is what holds my interest. As a photography enthusiast, call it serendipity, I occasionally find myself at places that are comparatively unclicked, naturally underexposed and spurs my imagination. This picture below is one such example. This was taken inside The Rajbari Bawali, near Kolkata in West Bengal. I love the idea of playing with light as a photographer. Light, or sometimes, the lack of it.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of the dark. You’ll get to know 2 things. One – identify how and who all put you in there. Two – how and who all accompany you to take you out of there.”

I couldn’t think of any better words than these to caption the picture.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of the dark. You’ll get to know two things. One – identify how or who all put you in there. Two – how and who all accompany you out of there.”

It is amazing how a picture can speak a thousand words. And generate so many emotions all at once. Friends, are an integral part in everyone’s lives. Some of us get really lucky with true friends, while some people do come as friends only to let us know later that they were never the ones to be trusted.

All I would want to say here is that – Do not fear the dark – as it is the only way to understand the light. Understand your ignorance, only then will you be able to appreciate knowledge and learning. It really doesn’t matter who stays and who doesn’t. After all, it is You who has to help yourself. Some people will be there for you in your journey – be thankful for that. Some people won’t walk with you – accept it, let go and move on. Those who stay are meant to stay, so they stay – how beautiful is that! Just carry on with your journey – day and night are both part of it. You’ll learn out of both situations anyway. Happiness and unhappiness, both are choices that You make. So, pull yourself up, keep believing and keep doing what you got to do to love yourself. While I brace myself up as usual and continue doing what I got to do 🙂