It’s all about equality, it always was…

So, it’s March 8th… And I thought it best not to get into the “celebrate / uncelebrate” debate… All I know is I celebrate myself everyday! I reach for my dreams everyday. And I inspire others to go for their dreams every moment I get the chance. And I know there are a lot of men and women who are just as strong. Courage, strength, patience, respect for self and others, hunger for knowledge is not gender dependent. They need not be. Soft skills are meant for everyone to follow, as being tough is too when situation demands. Stereotype was created here, in this world. Stereotype actually has no meaning. Let’s celebrate the differences and the sameness, both. Irrespective of gender. Let’s find out and respect who is great at what, irrespective of gender.

I celebrate each one of you because you have the power to show your true potential.

Celebrate who you are. Respect who the other is. Nothing else matters. And everyday is my day, your day, our day.

Tee ❤